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Mon 22 Dec 2014
Cynthia Bean's First ChiStepper Exclusive

Cynthia Bean is one of the most visible, vocal, and influential folks in the Steppin’ game, but I’d never thought to interview her.  We communicate often, share names, pictures, and tips.  I read her Steppers 411 blast religiously, and still it never dawned on me that she’d even want to be interviewed.  I received an email from Jodine Basterash of The Steppers Yellow pages, who said, “We want to know more about Cynthia Bean.”  I said, “Me too. See if she’ll do the interview.”  So below I chatted with the queen of Steppin’ media … and do to my broken wrist I’m breaking it down in to two or three parts.  Here goes …

T. Pratt:  You've been doing the Steppers 411 for a while.  How long has it been?

Cynthia Bean (CB): It's been 11 years.  I started in July 1999 with the weekend update.

T. Pratt:  What made you take the initiative to create a party schedule for Steppers?

Cynthia Bean: Well, when I joined Fulson Cool Music back in June of 1999 I used to pick up the pluggers from the tables to see what parties I had to go plug for our event.  Donna from Girlfriend Productions andTim-rific from Goodtime Productions saw me doing that and started sending me e-mails asking what's going on this weekend?  I would send them two separate e-mails every week.  Then I said,’You know you two ask for this information every week, I will just send you two the e-mail at the same time.’  Then they started telling people that I was sending them the weekend update.   After I got a list of 50 people I knew that Woodie McNeal was doing her monthly calendar on paper so I talked to her and asked if the weekend update would interfere with her doing that.  Back then the clubs were paying to have their events put on her calendar and me doing it for free would have messed with her money.  She said that she didn't mind me doing that and eventually stopped doing the monthly calendar.  That’s when the weekend update turned into the Steppers 411 Weekly.

T. Pratt: What would you say is the biggest challenge in maintaining the list?

CB: The biggest challenge is getting the Steppers organizations to turn in their event information in on time.  I've been asking them to turn their information in full to me by the 4th Friday of the month prior to their event.  Oh my goodness.  I have organizations turning in their event information the week of the event.  I wonder who turns out for their events if they are just giving it to me that week?  It also makes it hard for me because I still try to do a monthly calendar for the 10 webmasters that post it on their websites, but lately it hasn't happened with the late entries (Sigh).  You all have to do better.

T. Pratt: How do you see the list evolving over the next 10 years or so?  Are there any major changes coming? 

Cynthia Bean: Wow T. Pratt … 10 more years??  Ummmmm. (Laughing)  I'm not sure I will be doing this for 10 more years, we will have to see about that. (Laughing) But I can't see any major changes. The one change that I made this year was finally getting a digital camera so I could take some pictures of the groups, DJ’s and some of the people at the events instead of writing the same thing about the sets.  You know... so and so was there, they got their step on and so forth.


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